What’s in a name???

When I first moved into my house with my daughter I thought it felt empty. With this in mind we decided to get a pet. I’d always been a cat person, and didn’t really like dogs so the decision was easy.

Diva was at preschool the day I brought home the little black ball of fur. Being the runt of the litter he was tiny with big blue eyes and slightly clumsy on his feet. He reminded me a little of Diva to be honest.

I hadn’t named him, as thought it would be nice if Diva did. But I had a list of suggested names that she could pick from. I liked the names shadow or hunter due to his black fur. Whereas sailor liked killer, Panther and night stalker (yeah very boyish names).

Leaving the house, ball of fur was left in peace for a few minutes. Little did he know that his life will be turned into endless chasing, grabbing and kissing by little Diva the moment she met him.

Within minutes of her bounding through the front door she noticed the ball of fur fast asleep on his cushion on the chair. Running over she grabbed him and insisted on giving him a big kiss. Taking the now shaking kitten off Diva I placed him on my knee. Diva was sitting so close to me she was basically sat on my knee too.

I then say, “Diva would you like to name the kitten”

Diva: “yes mummy”

Me: ” what should we call him? Maybe hunter or shadow sounds good. Don’t you think so??”

Diva: “no mummy. We should call him Tom”

Me: “why Tom??”

Diva: “after talking Tom the phone app”

Me: “but what about Shadow”

Diva: “no his name is Tom”

And that was the end of the conversation. Our new kitten was named Tom after a phone app cat. If you have heard of talking Tom you will know that the cat is black in colour and repeats whatever you say. You can also tap on the cat and he will pretend to be hit which Diva found highly hilarious.

Really I should be thankful that she didn’t name him something completely ridiculous like fluffy or sooty. I could only imagine shouting a stupid name from the back door, in the attempt to get the cat in for his dinner.

Tom is now 3 years old and been nicknamed the bird killer on the street. The sweet and innocent tiny cat that I mentioned is no longer in our house. He’s a full on predator, he’s that bad that he wears a skull and crossbones collar with a bell to warn poor birds he’s nearby. In fact it’s not just birds it’s anything he’s happy to eat really. He’s brought home baby rats, 2 birds and a dead bat so maybe we did name him wrong and my sailor was right. He should have been called Killer lol.


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