Potty training – to pee or not to pee

Potty training is a subject most parents dread. I told myself constantly this will get better, diva will get the hang of this.

I started potty training Diva when she was two and while my sailor was deployed. Like I said in the last post heaven knows why I started then. But I did, maybe it was to distract me from the thought of doing it alone for a few months. Or it could have been because Diva had started preschool full time. Anyway I don’t know if two year old is late or early to train, as I took cues from her and she was my first child.

The first thing I noticed was I could never go for a pee in peace she would follow me to the toilet and then stand and watched as I did what I needed to. Listening to the sounds of doing my business, embarrassing I know. But that’s how I knew she was ready. Well that and she stopped putting pants on her head.

There was a lot of red face moments when training Diva. Especially when we went out, Diva would insist on coming to the bathroom with me and then announce to the full bathroom what I was doing.

She would often shout “Mummy, are you having a pooh???”

I would then emerge from the cubicle very red faced and asking Diva to be quiet, as I quickly washed my hands and walked out the bathroom hold Diva by the hand.


Diva mastered the art of pee’ing on the toilet very early on with the aid on a foot step and a basin buddy. Getting Diva to take a pooh pooh on the toilet was a different story. No matter how much I tried she would only pooh pooh on the potty. One day I asked Diva why she didn’t want to pooh pooh on the toilet and she replied “mummy, wee wee goes in the toilet not pooh pooh, as you put pooh in a nappy and throw it away”
It took a lot of explaining to Diva that I don’t use nappies to get rid of her pooh. I put it down the toilet with her wee wee.

Then came the introduction of knickers or Nick nicks as they are known to Diva. Diva liked wearing knickers at first, in fact she liked it so much when she went to the bathroom she would remove them completely and not tell anyone.

She would then come down stairs and practice doing rollie pollies showing her bottom to the world. When I asked her where her knickers were she would say “on the floor mummy”

She couldn’t understand she had to pull them back up after she had been to the toilet. This went on for months and months, mornings happy wearing knickers and then afternoons were knicker less.

Then there were the accidents. Diva would come banging downstairs on her bottom shouting

“Mummy there is a puddle on the floor in the toilet”

“Diva why is there a puddle on the floor??”

“Mummy I missed the toilet”

After cleaning the floor, Diva would yet again need the toilet. I would place my head in my hands and hope that she would get to the toilet in time.

And then one day it would click and potty training becomes another skill mastered and another tick in that ever growing list of things to do x


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