Daddy’s Girl

It’s amazing what a little girl is like around her father and the power she has over him. The power to wrap him round her little finger with a flutter of an eyelash and few kisses and cuddle.

Diva only gets to see her daddy at the weekend due to his job and long travelling times from home to base. This makes their time together extra special and her ability to get anything she wants even greater.

Now that Diva goes to school she isn’t home when daddy walks through the door. Giving me some time to talk to my sailor in peace. This however doesn’t last long as we have to do the school run.

The moment Diva sees daddy from the classroom window her little face lights up. Daddy is home for the weekend. Seeing her little eyes sparkle she can’t wait to run out the class. Walking hand in hand out the school Diva puts the charm on.

Diva: “daddy I’m tired”

Daddy: “are you Diva”

Diva: “will you carry me, my legs are tired”

Bare this in mind Diva has walked to the car without complaint of tiredness all week. Daddy however doesn’t know this and picks his little girl up and happily carries her to the car. Thats one point to Diva and daddy zero.

We all go and collect W from the grandparents. Diva skips happily into the house followed by her daddy. Diva announces daddy is home in a bright and cheerful manner.  W is happily kicking away on the floor completely oblivious that daddy is home and what that means.

Getting home is done in record time, as daddy carries W in his car seat while Diva follows behind. Teatime is swiftly done, no debates or arguments on what to have. Diva smiles at daddy’s suggestions for her meal and sits happily at the table and eats while watching tv. Followed by bathtime and bedtime.

At bedtime Diva normally has 2 books read to her. That is until daddy is home, then Diva flutters her lashes and smiles her sweeties smile.

Diva: “daddy can I have 3 books”

Daddy: “yeah ok Diva”

Again Diva has managed to get exactly what she wanted. Diva goes to bed without any arguments and brushes her teeth and chooses 3 books for daddy to read. 40 minutes later daddy walks in the living room.

Me: how many books did you read to her???

Daddy: “about 5, she had supertato, superworm, james and the giant peach (2 chapters) and then ending with a super long abridged version of a princess story”

Diva has managed to do it again. Diva 2 points, daddy zero.

Then morning arrives and Diva is up with the birds. She comes creeping into our room like every weekend morning and walks around the bed to her daddy.

Diva: “daddy, will you get up and watch Tv with me”

daddy: “give me a minute Diva to wake up”

with this reply Diva climbs on top of Daddy and cuddles him until her wakes up and gives in to Diva. Yes you guessed it Diva strikes again. Diva 3 points, Daddy zero.

This continues through the weekend and by the time Sunday arrives Diva has scored a massive 28 points and Daddy is still on zero.





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