The moment you hold your child for the first time, you wonder how could you create someone so perfect. Counting each tiny finger and toe and grazing into the eyes of the person in your arms.

Every parent wants to remember their child’s first and most of the time it doesn’t go to plan. You miss the moment, you forget the camera or worse your baby refuses to do it again.

I created this blog in memory of the early years I spent with my little girl. When it was just her and I, plodding through life and learning from each other.

With each passing month and year my daughter is becoming more and more independent and developing more and more of an attitude. The tiny baby that I held 4 years ago is vanishing and growing into what can only be known as a little Diva.

I hope you enjoy reading about the day to day life of my little girl and the learning process for the pair of us as time passes.