Coffee vs 3 month old baby

Right now I bet your sat looking at this post thinking WOW she isn’t blogging about her daughter Diva. I’m going a little off topic for once he he.

Believe it or not I have 2 children. The second is a gorgeous 3 month old baby boy W. Like most typical Brits I’m an avid tea drinker, non of this earl grey nonsense though. I like a proper cupper that doesn’t smell or taste of perfume.

But since I’ve had my little boy I’ve started drinking instant coffee. Its to stop the new born sleep deprived mum feeling. If you are a mum you know the feeling. I wake up and look in the mirror to see them dark circles under my eyes, my hair is a mess. And I walk around like an extra out of walking dead, hanging my head and trying to encourage my heavy limbs back to life after yet another stupid o clock night feed.

After carrying baby W downstairs the morning routine starts. Cup of coffee number one doesn’t even touch the sides. I down the hot liquid and wait for the flow of caffeine to hit my blood stream. Once it does supermum is in the building. Juggling making breakfast for Diva, feeding W his firs bottle. And Feeding the cats and fish I’m on a roll.

Then at 9am the caffeine buzz has gone and I’m running on empty. I think OMG I’ve still so much to do, cup of coffee number 2 down you go. And I’m off about like a bat out of hell. Collecting W from my parents we go home to the mountain of washing up, laundry and toys covering the living room floor. Then W cries again for yet another feed.

While I wait for the prep machine to make the bottle I boil the kettle, be rude not to have a drink myself. So coffee number 3 here we come. After being covered in sick and having to change myself and W for the second time.

The afternoon shift begins, and to get it going on a good footing coffees 4 and 5 go back to back. Oops I’m now on a hyper and feel invincible. After running round like a headless chicken while W plays on his playmate on the floor the afternoon passes in a blur.

Oh my look at the time it’s 2pm and Diva finishes at 3. Scooping W up I put him in his car seat and run to the car. Dropping him off at my parents, and drinking yet another coffee and cup of tea for good measure. Its school run time.

After returning home with Diva and W it’s time for dinner. This takes about an hour to debate over with Diva as everything I mention she doesn’t want. Mmmmmmm make up your mind child is what I start to think. Coffee number 8 has just vanished and now I’m sat with Diva asking her about her school day over the finally decided evening meal.

Bath time and bedtime is on the cards next and I switch to decaffeinated tea not like it will make much difference. It 8pm and the house is quiet Diva and W are finally in bed and then I sit and reflect on the day.

And then it hits me, have I eaten today ?????


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