Poem – loving a sailor

I wrote this poem a couple of years ago while my sailor was on deployment. It summed up how I was feeling at the time and how lonely and vulnerable I felt.

Hope you enjoy reading it

Loving a sailor is a high price to pay,
Seeing your head bow as you walk away, making a journey of hours long,
While I’m back at home playing out favourite song.

Counting down the months and days until you return,
Trying to cope with the loneliness that can never be learned,
Then one day my inbox pings,
Or I hear my phone suddenly ring.

It’s your voice I hear, calling from a far away land.
You are calling from the ship but looking at the golden sand.
You say that you love and miss me and we will be back together soon,
My heart skips a beat and I’m over the moon.

The emptiness that was felt has temporarily gone,
Replaced by the love your sailor has just passed on.

The nights are long when your not here,
But the hope inside, knowing you will reappear,
Cuddling your pillow, and kissing you goodnight,
Looking at our photo and squeezing my eyes tight,
Dreaming of the day my sailor returns, my tears express what my heart yearns.

Loving a sailor, maybe a high price to pay,
Knowing that your loved and thought of everyday,
He knows I am home and waiting for him,
Sending boxes of love that they open with a grin.

I maybe alone, but he is to,
Looking at the ocean all calm and blue,
He’s also counting the days until one becomes two,
As his mind works away, he always dream of you.

Then the day is suddenly here,
My sailor is coming home and I wait for the ship to appear,
I stand on the jetti knowing your time is done,
Until the next time, your love has won.



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