Diva and Deployment

Yep you guessed it. I’m a proud military girlfriend and engaged to a very handsome sailor. Living in a service household isn’t easy at the best of times but living through a deployment with a questioning 2 year old is even harder.


Explaining to Diva that daddy was going away was the hardest.
She would say “mummy what does daddy do?”

“Daddy works on a ship Diva”

“A pirate ship mummy”

“Yeah Diva, daddy works on a pirate ship”

Since that day I’ve asked myself repeatedly why did I agree with her. With that wheel in motion Diva now tells everyone she meets that her Daddy is a pirate.

As you can imagine this was very funny at first. Until the moment you go somewhere and Diva opens her mouth and says my daddy is a pirate. The looks people gave me when she said it. Or they would shrug it off and think my child was talking nonsense.

Then the weeks passed and Diva was becoming impatient. She would ask “when is daddy coming home”

“Soon” was always my response

Phone calls were very few and far between and Diva wasn’t very good at keeping people on the phone. In fact she is terrible, as she has a tendency to hang up.

When the phone did ring I would drop what I was doing and run to the phone in the hope it was my sailor calling for them very few precious minutes. But if Diva got there first you knew about it. The phone would ring and she would answer, there was a lot of hellooooooo. And then Diva would come running with the phone and shouting it’s daddy.

Grabbing the phone eagerly I put it to my ear thinking he was on the other side. To find Diva had hung up on him.

Diva would then smile and say “daddy has gone now”

Luckily sometimes he would call back, but more often than not he couldn’t and then I have to wait for my phone to ding instead saying I’ve got an email.


I learnt after the first couple of weeks not to leave my phone unattended just in case. It became attached to me, I even slept with the thing. Diva would often crawl into bed with me in the morning and cuddle into me. Then my phone would vibrate under her pillow, sending her jumping and screaming thinking her pillow was alive.

While the sailor was away I set myself three tasks. The first was to toilet train Diva, as she had just started preschool and didn’t want her being in nappies forever. This was no easy task and why I decided to do it in a deployment heaven only knows.

My second task was to get fit, weighing in at 9stone 7pounds. I wanted to lose the 7 pounds but without going to the gym so I became a wii fit geek. I would shake my booty to shakira and Zumba it up. I always made sure the blinds were closed first though.

The third was to entertain Diva with crafts, games for the 4 whole months. Luckily it was the end of the year so there was Halloween, and Christmas on the horizon. Diva loved to get messy so we carved pumpkins, made gingerbread and painted lots of pictures.

The final weeks were the best, the excitement and buzz in the house. Preparing for homecoming, making banners and Divas happy face knowing she would be showered with presents.

Then the day arrives that daddy is home. Diva is so happy that she wears her little sailor dress and helps nanna put the banner in the window to the family home.
Daddy the pirate is home she shouted. And then opened his bag to see what he had bought. Typical Diva.



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