Diva is on the move

This is the day most parents can’t wait for. Seeing that tiny baby develop and go from lifting their head, to rolling over and then sitting up unaided. Then the day arrives Diva no longer rocks on the spot, she is on the move.

Batten down the hatches comes to mind when talking about crawling. At the time Diva and I were learning from each other, I didn’t think she would move so quick and have her fingers in places she shouldn’t.

My little Diva loved to explore, her fingers would press every button on the DVD player seeing what would pop out. Fingers would slide across the Tv screen leaving smeared marks on my normally clean surface.

If any of you have watched Star Trek this quote sums up a child on the move “Resistance is futile”. No amount of distraction, toys or shiny, noisy objects can stop that child from moving.

Then there is find the baby. I had a baby gate on the living room door stopping Diva going upstairs or into the kitchen. I would leave the room minutes and return to find Diva gone. I would stand there and scratch my head wondering where she could be. I’m sure she was on the blanket playing when I left. Then I would see a pen roll across the floor, as my eyes follow the direction where the pen has come from. I see little feet poking out the end of the sofa and there is Diva with the contents of my work bag on the floor.

The notepad that I normally use is now lining the floor like the sawdust at the bottom of a hamster cage. The rubber gloves stored in my bag have been sucked and tiny teeth marks are visible on the fingers. I then look at Diva’s face which is now painted red, not only has she found my lip gloss she also found my red pen.

Moving Diva out the way, and taking out the wet wipes that I store in every room of the house. I attempt to clean my little Diva up starting with her now red glittery face.

Placing Diva back on the floor I go to pick up my once work bag contents. Collecting chewed and dribbled on pens, picking up crumpled up papers and then in the corner of my eye I’ve seen Diva crawl quickly away holding something in her little dainty hand.

Quickly standing I find Diva on the other side of the room with the black sharpie in her hand and about the start scribbling on my nice cream walls.

I finally admit defeat, scooping up Diva there is only one answer. I place her in the door swing.

Hope you have enjoyed reading about Diva crawling, until next the blog.

Much love
Dishevelled mummy x



5 thoughts on “Diva is on the move

  1. Hahahaha! That sounds about right πŸ˜‚ When Lilly started crawling nothing was safe! We even had to anchor the TV to the console because I was afraid she would push it over! Cleaning sticky finger marks off a TV is not fun πŸ™ˆ


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