Diva weaning


When the health visitor first talks about weaning you think …….. YAY. My baby is going to start a whole new adventure and mealtimes will become a whole lot easier.

In fact this is when parents should display a big red sign above their house with the word WARNING. The bigger the sign the better as weaning isn’t easy at all.

There are 3 stages of weaning in my experience with the little diva.
– Stage 1: pulling funny faces
– Stage 2: action stations
– Stage 3: mmmmm what’s that smell

Stage 1. My little diva wasn’t quite sure with the concept of weaning at first. The spoon may have got into her mouth quite often but it didn’t stay there and neither did the food. The faces she would pull often showed if she liked what she was eating or not. When she liked it she would smile and grab for the bowl that was on the tray in front of her. This was all well and good until I tried something new then the face would change. She would look like she was sucking a lemon, her cheeks would suck in and her face would turn green and then I needed to duck. Food would be spatted at me from a short distance. Not even a face shield could protect me from the puréed food coming my way from my little diva.

Stage 2. This was my favourite stage out of all three and this was the experimental stage. I use to make all my own baby food for little diva from spaghetti and tomato sauce to cottage pie. The little diva loved fruit and vegetable so that was never a challenge but introducing meat was whole new experience. I attempted chicken first. Who doesn’t like chicken????

The first time diva ate chicken it was puréed. The lemon face came out followed by a lot of sticking out of the tongue and then wham her hand came down on the bowl. Diva and I were covered in chicken purée as were the walls, floor and our poor old dog.

From that moment mealtimes became a military operation. I would wear a pinny and the poor dog would be put outside after he was covered in chocolate pudding. I got bowls with covers to prevent more mess. I feed her the meals until I was sure she liked it and then gave her the tool of destruction……the spoon. After one event where the diva decided to throw yoghurt at the ceiling.

Stage 3: This is split up into two parts.

With trying any new food with a baby there is the end result. It’s true what they say what goes in must come out. Prepare yourself for the most vile smells known to man. Thankfully I don’t really have a good sense of smell so nappy changing never bothered me. But when you see grandparents turning green and breath rather heavy as they changed divas nappy you know there is something wrong.

Then there is the mysterious smells around the house game. When you wake up one morning and come down stairs and there is that strange whiff in the air. The hunt is on to find that strange smell, sofas are moved, the dog is sniffed and you still can’t find it. So I give up for a while to ponder what the smell could possibly be. Then I make a brew and sit down for them very few minutes of peace while diva naps upstairs. And it’s there again that god awful smell so I reach down the side of the armchair as that is where the remote has normally been hidden. And there it is, the offending article a half eaten ham sandwich that has turned mouldy.

Hope you are enjoying the diary of my little diva, until the next blog.

Much love
Dishevelled mummy x


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