Baby blue eyes

When I gazed into the eyes of my baby girl for the first time. I wondered how could I create someone so prefect. Her big blue eyes and tiny fingers and toes had me completely smitten from that moment and then the crying started and didn’t stop for a full 24 long hours.

Nothing could stop the constant wail of a newborn born baby. No amount of feeding, changing or cuddling could stop her crying. The midwifes came and even attempted to sooth her to let me sleep but had to bring her back after a couple of hours as she managed to wake the full post natal ward. The midwife that returned her looked like she had been rocking my baby hours, with dishevelled hair and stained clothing she deserved a break. This was start of events to come.

After 5 agonising days in the hospital and countless days and nights of high pitched wailing they discharged us home. Personally I think the midwives couldn’t take the crying and were running out of ear plugs on the unit.

The first couple of weeks passed in a blur of endless feeds, nappy changes and sleepless nights. The visitors came and coo’ed and aww’ed at the beautiful blue eyed baby never realising that she will turn into a diva.

As the months passed my baby was getting her own little personality. She knew exactly when to be cute and smile. Her big blue eyes would pull people in and complement her making her smile even more.

Then we would get home and the smiles would vanish and be replaced when one word was uttered. Every parent knows this word and its said at least a thousand times a day with a  baby, toddler or small child. You guested it, the word is No. When my little diva heard this word she would turn red in the face, she would throw things and use the high pitched wail she had perfected over the few months of her life.

Once I acted like she did, I threw myself on the floor. I screamed as she did and her response was something I wasn’t counting on. She started laughing at me. Well that plan failed, I was expecting her to see what I was doing was wrong but instead she found it entertaining and obviously funny. Her blue eyes wide as she giggled away at me rolling around on the floor acting like a toddler.

No one prepares you for parenthood. After reading book after book on how to be a good parent I realised motherhood is what you make it.




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